A Utilitarian Perspective on Gay Marriage

There are many contexts in which the left normally fails to make the arguments for its views that I find most compelling. Gay marriage is an example. The left typically (but not always) argues that homosexuals should be able to marry each other because disallowing them to do so is unfair. They then proceed to … Continue reading A Utilitarian Perspective on Gay Marriage


Republicans and Midterms

People are beginning to talk about the 2018 midterm elections and I've heard a few people repeat the myth that Republicans reliably do well in midterms, or at least better than they do in general election years. This is only true if the president is a democrat. When the president is a republican, the GOP … Continue reading Republicans and Midterms

Racial Demographics and State Voting in US Presidential Elections: 2004-2016

A lot of people are worried about the impact that changing racial demographics will have on US elections. These fears are largely based on the fact that Hispanics tend to overwhelmingly vote democrat, and the US Hispanic population is accounting for a larger proportion of the general population every decade. Consider this data from NYT exit … Continue reading Racial Demographics and State Voting in US Presidential Elections: 2004-2016

The Futility of “Just the Facts”

The website EconoFacts describes its mission thusly: "Our mission at EconoFact is to provide data, analysis and historical experience in a dispassionate manner. The presentation is in short memo form and written in everyday language, free of jargon, and where appropriate, accompanied by visuals illustrating the main point. We are committed to presenting even complex … Continue reading The Futility of “Just the Facts”

Attacking Syria Hasn’t Helped Trump

Gallup finds that 50% of Americans approved of the strike while 41% opposed it (1). These approval ratings are much lower than what is typical for American military actions. Approval was high among republicans and low among democrats, suggesting that this low approval rating is not being driven by anti-war right wingers but, rather, by … Continue reading Attacking Syria Hasn’t Helped Trump