How Racist are White Americans?

This will post will argue that, on net, white Americans do not act in a way that could properly be described as racist, though they might have beliefs and feelings which some would describe as racist, but not to the degree that other racial groups do. Importantly, this post is not about institutional racism. I … Continue reading How Racist are White Americans?


Racial Bias in Police Stops and Searches

Leftists often argue that police disproportionately stop and search black people and that this is evidence of racial bias in our criminal justice system and our society more broadly. In this post I will argue that this conclusion is not justified by the available evidence. New York Pedestrian Stops The research most often cited by … Continue reading Racial Bias in Police Stops and Searches

“Lived Experience” is Not Evidence

When discussing the prevalence of discrimination, those calming that discrimination is rampant sometimes appeal to their "lived experience" as evidence for their view. Moreover, if statistical evidence is marshaled which suggests that discrimination is not prevalent, some people will take offense and claim that you are invalidating their lived experience. Traditionally, this kind of thinking … Continue reading “Lived Experience” is Not Evidence