Non-Hispanic White Immigrants Vote and Identify as Democrats

I used data from the General Social Survey to analyze the party affiliation and voting habits of immigrants by ethnicity and generation. Importantly, this data indicates that White and non-White immigrants tend to favor the Democrat party more than the general US population does, though Whites do so to a less extreme degree. The GSS … Continue reading Non-Hispanic White Immigrants Vote and Identify as Democrats


Caplan on Irrational Belief Changing

Bryan Caplan has recently been writing blogs about how people often change their minds for irrational reasons. His belief that people do so is based on the observation that many people don't seem to have a very good understanding of their previous ideologues and cannot give good reasons for abandoning them. This is certainly true … Continue reading Caplan on Irrational Belief Changing

Attacking Syria Hasn’t Helped Trump

Gallup finds that 50% of Americans approved of the strike while 41% opposed it (1). These approval ratings are much lower than what is typical for American military actions. Approval was high among republicans and low among democrats, suggesting that this low approval rating is not being driven by anti-war right wingers but, rather, by … Continue reading Attacking Syria Hasn’t Helped Trump