Evidence of Voter Fraud in the 2020 US Presidential Election

In this article, I will argue that there are many lines of evidence the combination of which justifies us thinking that significant voter fraud occurred in the 2020 US election which increased the chances of Joe Biden winning in key swing states.

Before turning specifically to the 2020 election, it is important to note that election fraud is not unheard of in the United States. This is worth establishing because if we think election fraud almost never happens then we will have a higher bar of evidence for the justification of any particular claim of fraud.

In recent decades, there have been over 1,200 known instances of voter fraud due to which 20 US elections had to be overturned to declare a new winner (Heritage, 2020). Of these, 15 were overturned due to fraud involving mail based ballots (Lucas, 2020). This isn’t surprising since mail in ballots have long been noted to be particularly vulnerable to fraud. This is why most European nations have either banned absentee voting or require an ID for someone to obtain such a ballot (Lott, 2020).

This fact has been attested to by American media on both the right and left. For instance, in 2012 the New York Times wrote the following: “While fraud in voting by mail is far less common than innocent errors, it is vastly more prevalent than the in-person voting fraud that has attracted far more attention, election administrators say. In Florida, absentee-ballot scandals seem to arrive like clockwork around election time.” – Liptak (2012)

The piece even went as far as to cast doubt on the 2000 US presidential election results on the basis of such concerns:

“Voting by mail is now common enough and problematic enough that election experts say there have been multiple elections in which no one can say with confidence which candidate was the deserved winner. The list includes the 2000 presidential election, in which problems with absentee ballots in Florida were a little-noticed footnote to other issues…

Voting by mail also played a crucial role in the 2000 presidential election in Florida, when the margin between George W. Bush and Al Gore was razor thin and hundreds of absentee ballots were counted in apparent violation of state law. The flawed ballots, from Americans living abroad, included some without postmarks, some postmarked after the election, some without witness signatures, some mailed from within the United States and some sent by people who voted twice. All would have been disqualified had the state’s election laws been strictly enforced.” – Liptak (2012)

Similarly, in December of 2016 a majority (52%) of democrats agreed with the statement “Russia tampered with vote tallies in order to get Donald Trump elected President” (YouGov, 2016).

So being worried about voter fraud, and even suggesting it could alter the results of a US presidential election, is not outside the norm of US politics.

Before, I said that there are roughly 1,200 known cases of recent American voter fraud. Of course, this doesn’t tell us how common voter fraud really is because it could be that the vast majority of instances are never detected. County level analysis shows that there are at least 1.8 million excess registered voters relative to the eligible population size and this at least opens the door for the possibility of voter fraud on a truly massive scale (Judicial Watch, 2020).

More importantly, non-citizens in America report voting at rates that imply at least nearly a million cases of voter fraud per year. This suggests that only a tiny proportion of the voter fraud that takes place is normally caught and that fraud at a scale that can change elections is actually the norm. Of course, these figures leave out voter fraud not involving immigrants, and so is surely a significant under estimation of the total amount of fraud that takes place.

CitationNSelf Reported VotingImplied Illegal Votes
Richman et al. (2016)8511.5%                                             5,152,000
Richman et al. (2016)238.7%                                             3,897,600
Richman et al. (2014)32811.3%                                             5,062,400
Richman et al. (2014)3643.5%                                             1,568,000
Epigone (2019)8142.2%                                                985,600

The typical response to such figures is to say that survey respondents could be lying or could have read the question in correctly. That they are not lying is attested to by the fact that researchers have verified the voting of about 2% of the non-citizens in these surveys (Richman et al., 2016; Richman et al, 2014). That they are not confused is attested to by multiple lines of evidence, such as the fact that respondents give the same answers multiple times when they are followed for years and asked the same questions repeatedly (Richman et al., 2016). Thus, until better evidence to the contrary is presented we are justified in thinking that voter fraud is actually very common in the United States.

Turning to the 2020 election, there are multiple known instances where election workers were caught entering wrong numbers into the system that inflated Biden’s vote county relative to trump. Of course, in each case this is claimed to have been an accident, and, of course, there is absolutely no way of showing this is true.

Norimine (2020)VAIn Fairfax County, a “clerical error” caused Biden votes to be inflated by roughly 100,000.
Lafurgey (2020)MIAntrim county was initially reported as going to Biden. This was so implausible that votes were recounted and it actually went to trump. The initial miscount was due to “human error”.
Payne (2020)MIDemocrat absentee votes in Oakland county were counted twice. Once correct, the result of the local election flipped for the republican.

Election officials have said that these errors being caught is evidence that they are really good at catching errors. But there are at least two good reasons to doubt this. First, these errors were all huge and it seems unlikely that people only make huge errors and never small ones, so the lack of stories about small errors suggests that they are actually pretty bad at detecting “errors”. Second, the sheer number of voter fraud convictions that have taken place, the rate at which non-citizens seem to vote, and the number of excess voters illegitimately kept on voter rolls, all seem to imply that, at the very least, this is a highly error prone process.

So we have good reasons to think they aren’t great at catching errors. By contrast, we don’t have any good reasons for thinking these were actually errors. The fact that all three stories about such errors each favored Biden is reasonably improbable to happen by chance (12.5%). But it’s highly probable given mass election fraud, and so these stories should increase the probability we assign to such fraud having occurred.

We also have multiple eye witness accounts, mostly from election or postal workers, who claim that fraud was being engaged in and ballots were being wrongly discarded.

Solomon (2020)MIA city worker from Detroit claims he and fellow employees were told to back-date ballots that came in too late.
Constantino et al. (2020)MIPoll watcher and former assistant state AG Zachary Larsen filed an affidavit stating he had seen voter fraud being committed by election workers.
Dinan (2020)PA“A Pennsylvania mail carrier has said in a sworn affidavit that he was ordered by supervisors to collect and submit late ballots, which he said supervisors then backdated so that they appeared to have been mailed in time.”
Larsen (2020)NV“I personally witnessed disregard of signature verification as well as other irregularities,” the whistleblower said in the affidavit. “While working, I observed a significant number of signatures on mail-in ballots I believe did not match the name and should have been reviewed. When I asked the supervisors, [redacted] and others, about it, instead of taking the ballots to verify the signature in the electronic database, the supervisor told me to push the envelope through without verification.”
Singman (2020)AZBased on sworn testimony, it is alleged that ballots in Maricopa county featuring “over-voting” were invalidated rather than fixed.

There are also multiple aspects of how the election was openly carried out which are seemingly illegal and which made it easier for voter fraud to take place.

Heller (2020)PAElection observers were kept 30 feet from the actual vote counting, meaning they could not see the ballots.
Payne (2020)WIElection officials tracked down witness addresses for absentee ballots, a policy that may be illegal.
Payne (2020)WIOnly the state legislature can change election procedures, but election officials allowed potentially over 100,000 voters to by pass ID requirements by claiming that COVID prevented them from leaving home.
Mills (2020)PADemocrat election leaders told county officials to give party operatives information about rejected mail ballots in violation of state law.

There are also five significant lines of statistical evidence suggesting fraud.

First, in PA, where by exit polls Biden won those over 65 by only 3 points (CNN, 2020), 69 people recorded as being born before 1900 requested (and most returned) ballots of which 80% were registered democrats and 16% of which were registered republicans, meaning this isn’t well explained by random birth day entry errors. This can all be seen using data published on the PA government’s web domain (PA.gov, 2020). Here’s a screen shot of what that data looks like:

Of course, these are instances of plausible fraud that are extremely easy to catch simply because no on alive was actually born in 1800. Presumably, if there are dozens of instances like this there are far more instances not so easily detected.

Speaking of which, this data set also tells the dates on which ballots were requested and returned. As pointed out by some guy on twitter, there are 109,421 instances in which the return date is earlier than the request date.


So that’s one line of statistical evidence. A second line of evidence concerns mail-in ballots not only in PA but also in MI. Specifically, Biden’s advantage in Mail-in/Absentee votes in PA (+60.5) and MI (+37.9) was several times what it was in any other swing state (+6.3). This on its own is hard to explain without positing fraud.

Weiss (2020)

As pointed out at The Red Elephants, this result is made even more unlikely by the fact that republicans requested more ballots than democrats did in MI.

(NBC, 2020)

Given these numbers, for Biden to have a 38 points lead in MI he would have had to have got every democrat vote, every independent vote, and roughly one in four republican votes. But common sense and exit polls make it obvious that that did not happen.

CNN (2020)

To some degree these numbers will be thrown off by the fact that not everyone who requested a ballot returned a ballot, and by the fact that there are still many mail in ballots to be counted, but a huge partisan skew in this would be required to make these numbers seem remotely plausible and so this data should increase our skepticism about mail in ballots in PA and especially in MI.

A third line of statistical evidence involves Wisconsin. After the nighttime pause in reporting, vote shares shifted in favor of democrats *within* city wards, meaning this was not due to more democratic areas reporting later, and this was more true the more behind democrats were in a given ward, contrary to what an explanation based on late mail in voters would predict (Holmes, 2020).

The fourth line of statistical evidence also involved Wisconsin, and specifically Milwaukee. As noted by the BBC, extremely high turnout in certain areas is a classic sign of voter fraud. In Australia, where voting is legally mandatory, voter turnout rates reach 90-95%. Non compulsory elections should not approach these sorts of numbers (BBC, 2020).

Yet, turn out figures in many city wards in Milwaukee were initially reported to be over 100%.

T.R.E. (2020)

This was later said to be a mistake and revised, but the revised numbers still include various wards with turnout levels that would normally be considered evidence of fraud.

Milwaukee City Wire (2020)

A fifth and final line of evidence concerns so called bell weather counties. These are counties where the person who wins the county almost always wing the presidential race. As a set, they’ve correctly predicted every US election of the last 50 years, until this one.

Twitter Guy w/ Excel, see also the wiki page for each county’s vote history

There are other lines of evidence out there, but this article has presented the one’s I find most compelling. (See here and here for problems with the Benford analyses going around). And these lines of evidence cast hundreds of thousands of votes in doubt, more than enough to alter the result of the presidential election.

As I’ve argued, voter fraud is reasonably common in the US and so we would be unjustified in dismissing the case for fraud in this election out of hand.

We should also note that, if fraud were to occur, the sort of evidence we’d expect to have is exactly the sort of evidence we do have. Even if fraud were to occur at a mass level, it would be surprising if we had evidence even better than this, if we had video of fraud being committed clearly in view of the camera, or we had a mass wave of admission to thousands of instances of fraud. Given this, we should not require this sort of utopian evidence to be convinced that fraud likely occurred. Instead, we should require the exact sort of evidence I’ve presented and so we are justified in thinking significant fraud occurred until we are presented with equally powerful arguments to the contrary.

Importantly, these arguments have not shown that Trump would have certainly won the election absent any voter fraud. But they do show that the official election results do not justify us in thinking that Biden would have won a fair election either. Given this, to ensure fairness we need to either find a way to remove ballots that are fraudulent, or throw out the entire election and have a re-do. Of course, something being in the interest of fairness is no guarantee that it will occur. I am not predicting that these things actually will happen, but hopefully I’ve been successful in showing that they should happen.

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  1. “ Given these numbers, for Biden to have a 38 points lead in MI he would have had to have got every democrat vote, every independent vote, and roughly one in four republican votes. But common sense and exit polls make it obvious that that did not happen.”

    Or, the numbers in that image aren’t necessarily legitimate because they’re modeled by some firm and are not actual public data?

    You knew TargetSmart was modeling party registration in states that don’t make it publicly available (you even say so in this tweet https://twitter.com/Sean__Last/status/1322660630076235778) so why are you now relying on their modeled data to prove that fraud occurred in Michigan?

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    • Adding to that, in the NBC image, not all counties report the split between mail in voting and in person, which may skew it in some way.

      The evidence Sean has for that particular argument is definitely weak, though interesting at least on the offchance that TargetSmart is approximately correct and the data isn’t skewed by leaving out some counties.


      • The manipulation, fraud and hijacking of the American election system is blatant and this has been going on in state & local elections for years. Anti-Americans and the democrat-socialist, globalist cabal try to defend the indefensible. This is a constitutional crisis of the worst magnitude. Every traitor is guilty of high treason and they deserve the maximum penalty—death. Foreign shadow figures & foreign govts. along with foreign NGO’s have infiltrated U.S elections working with corrupt democrat traitors, installing into the highest political offices greedy, disloyal politicians like Obama, Harris & Biden. They are people, who only use the office to enrich their bank accounts while, placing the public in danger & fleecing the American people and all of its resources. Globalism is a scam designed to destroy America. The democratic party must be destroyed by any means necessary. Same goes for corrupt republicans like Romney who cooperate with the foreign rape & pillaging of America. Start the executions starting with Big tech & media conglomerate owners.

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        • You have zero facts, just a whole bunch of buzz words that barely make a coherent thought. And where were y’all “patriots” when Trump blatantly had Russians interfere with the ‘16 election? Hypocrisy is at the root of all these allegations, which makes sense since most of these baseless theories are pushed by those who say they’re Catholic while using God’s name in vain. Pathetic.


          • “And where were y’all “patriots” when Trump blatantly had Russians interfere with the ‘16 election?”
            Citation, please?
            The claim has been made (repeatedly) by democrats who want to explain their failure – but never substantiated, including by the FBI. If the Russians *had* arranged to elect Trump, they must be pretty disappointed, given that he has consistently argued against the Nordstream gas line, which would (will) give them unprecedented influence in Europe.

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            • It was like 3 years of that right? Trying to find Trump guilty, that is. If Trump supporters make a stink about Joe Biden for 3 years, and nothing turns up, then I will have to declare the left and right stupid. Not even just after reading this article, I’ve always had some questions regarding the integrity of U.S. elections after the 2000 election.

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          • Are you seriously bringing up the “Russian Colussion 2016” which was actually perpetrated by Obama and the Clintons to make it look like Trump was getting Russian help to win the election? Please tell me why the Russians would want Trump in office when he has publicly vilified Putting on numerous occasions. You need to go and read the “real” news and not these dumb media conglomerates that spew absolutely nothing but trash to make you think you are getting truthful information. Go on and go watch some more MSNBC and read your New York Times.


          • It would seem you have no facts because the facts have come out about who wanted everyone to think Russians were meddling in our elections and that would be Mr. Obama , Hillary Rodham Clinton the FBI the DOJ and all of your favorite storytime characters. Please get a clue.


  2. I don’t understand the claim “First, in PA, where by exit polls Biden won those over 65 by only 3 points (CNN, 2020), 69 people recorded as being born before 1900 requested (and most returned) ballots of which 80% were registered democrats and 16% of which were registered republicans, meaning this isn’t well explained by random birth day entry errors”. Why would the registration of the voters indicate that it wasn’t random? The registration doesn’t affect the vote, so it’s not an artifact of fraud. It’s just a weird statistical anomaly. This feels like fishing for correlations.

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  3. Sorry to post more than once, but there’s a few other things I find arguable about your collection.

    I also apologise, somewhat, for this kind of comment, because I always find a bit of a bore on other blog posts, where there’s someone rapidly pulling quick scattergun counter-arguments out of their hat without doing the heavy-lifting research elsewhere, but frankly so far I’ve been surprised by how thin the evidence is, given how many of my friends seem to believe that this election was fraudulent. It reminds me of the how the left lost their mind in 2000, and wasted the first few months of the Bush administration constructing ways Bush could have stolen the election. Still! Onward!

    Firstly: one thing I’ve been wondering about as these accusations came out is — what’s the baseline for voter fraud? Like, I find the idea that there is zero voter fraud in the US or any country unlikely, and as you document, it turns out there’s quite a bit. But, having browsed the same databases, the conclusion that I came to is that the 1200 cases are mostly individual cases of petty fraud. And while I understand your claim that maybe this is just the tip of the iceberg, it’s pretty significant that there really aren’t much demonstrations of systematic fraud, or bigger prosecutions. I encourage anyone else to do what I did and just randomly click on cases, to get a sample — a lot of it is people being paid to collect signatures on ballot initiatives, which of course is a different space, plus individual fraud.

    Secondly, how much is “quite a bit”? Again, I’m just spitballing here, but this is 1200 cases *since 1979* — ie over 40 years! So let’s say that’s 30 a year. Of course, not every year is a big election year, so how many are there in say… 2016. The Heritage says 60. Okay, that’s more!

    But this is our *baseline*. Which means that we can actually expect to see 60 convictable cases of voter fraud in 2020. So in order to be super-suspicious of this year, we’d have to accept that the evidence would rise to the point where we could extract profoundly more than sixty cases. And given that 60 cases are almost all detected, individual fraud, and the accusation is pervasive, organized, co-ordinated-from-the top fraud, the number we should get would have to be *a lot higher*.

    And maybe it is?

    Again, I genuinely don’t want to dominate your thread here, and I don’t really have the attention span of one of those Fisking types, but this was literally in the first few paragraphs of your post.

    (One thing, I think would be useful for me and other readers might be to posit some counter-arguments to the evidence you’re seeing. I’ve always enjoyed that on blogs like Slate Star Codex, and I think it helps to defend yourself against simple, possibly simplistic takedowns like this. I like steelmanning.)

    Oh, one more thing. While there’s consistency in your citation style — (Heritage, 2020), etc, you might want to clarify your sources more. For instance, (Holmes, 2020) implies to me an academic paper, rather than a link to a tweet thread by “Shylock Holmes”.

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    • I find it interesting that while you spend most of this post minimizing the existence and impact of election fraud, you spend zero time addressing the more salient point of the original critique: that 20 elections during this timeframe were overturned DUE to election fraud, and of those 15 were due to mail-in ballot fraud.

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      • Honestly, it’s because I didn’t have the attention span. I’m *not* actually minimizing the existence of fraud. In fact, what I’m trying to point out is that there’s a *baseline* of fraud, which we have to rise above to posit a systematic undermining of the election.

        I fear a little if I dive into the mail-in ballot fraud issue, I’ll fall afoul of the same motivated reasoning that dogs this article: I’ll just end up fishing for evidence that proves my point. You won’t be convinced, and I will have wasted my time.

        How about we do it this way: you go looking for evidence that undermines your statement, and I’ll go looking for evidence that undermines my argument. That’s more like how scientific enquiry should work — a co-operative challenge to our pre-assumptions, conducted in an adversarial but collegiate manner?


    • A few things:

      1. Discovered cases of fraud does not suggest that is the baseline (what are the odds they discovered every case of fraud). Instead that’s more the minimum.

      2. The method of voting used this year should exponentially increase the chance of fraud; especially since the method was ushered in last minute without usual safeguards.

      3. Some Democrats viewed Trump as an existential threat. It is reasonable to think all other things equal you’d have more fraud here.

      So to summarize: (a) your baseline is too low, (b) historical minimum is too low given the change in voting mechanism, and (c) motive to commit voter fraud is greater.


    • 2020 Study Shows 353 US Counties Have 1.8 Million More Voters Than Eligible Citizens…this is a good place to start fishing for the illegal votes.
      Math, the language of God, 99.99% certainty election rigging/fraud existed in a huge way.
      Count every legal vote could take a long time.


        • Not a fact at all. They do have a way to tell who has moved. When you update your address by filing a change of address, you’re added to an NCOA database. Aka the National Change of Address database. All the counties have to do is run their databases against the NCOA database and that will tell them who has moved. There’s another database as well that you can run against to purge dead people. The USPS mandates that anyone who mails anything run the addresses through the NCOA database or they will face penalties because of the costs to the USPS to deal with return mail. The same process should be mandated and apply to all counties so voter roles are updated.


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  5. Curious that Richman – heavily cited in this piece – does not agree with the interpretations. See quotes from him in this story: https://www.wired.com/2017/01/author-trumps-favorite-voter-fraud-study-says-everyones-wrong/ “That was Richman’s research, all right. The problem, says Richman, who identifies as a political moderate, is that the Trump administration’s interpretation of his report is totally off. “Trump and others have been misreading our research and exaggerating our results to make claims we don’t think our research supports,” Richman says. “I’m not sure why they continue to do it, but there’s not much I can do about that aside from set the record straight.””

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    • Can you explain what Richman concluded in papers cited and why they are in conflict with what OP wrote? Richman complains about Trump exaggerating his results in the wire article you posted, but it is clear Richman believes his research supports the position that there is significant amount of non-citizen voting in federal elections.


  6. Runoff. No recount of phony ballots.

    US military is last trusted institution in this country – and they run elections in war zones.

    They can do it here.

    Thank you for your efforts.


    • “and they run elections in war zones. ” – don’t tell me – you think those are “free” and “fair”.

      And of course all of the people who were killed in that war died for this greater good.

      The imperialist mentality = slaveholder mentality = Nazi mentality = Stalin mentality. But thanks for playing.


  7. Again, we find an apparently convincing article, and then we dig down (and I need not repeat here what others have said above) to find the so/called argument turns out to be shallow, largely unsupported, and paper thin.

    The OP here is a prime example of seeing what wants to see no matter the true rvidence.

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    • I’ve no idea what you’re talking about. None of the other comments have made a significant criticism of the evidences listed.

      I have reservations about jumping to conclusions – mainly because I do not have a baseline on how many irregularities normally occur in presidential elections – but definitely think these points and others highlight the need for investigations which could potentially change the results of the election. For me, the many “computer glitches” and “typos” that were only caught by people skeptical of the numbers indicates there could be many more erroneous numbers that weren’t caught, even if there’s no fraud.


  8. Corrected:

    “Again, we find an apparently convincing article, and then we dig down (and I need not repeat here what others have said above) to find the so-called argument turn out to be shallow, largely unsupported, and paper thin.

    “The OP here is a prime example of seeing what one wants to see no matter the true evidence.”

    [An “edit” button would be nice for those of us with crappy key screen keyboards on tiny screens.]


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  10. Democrats have effectively destroyed the very Institutions that keep America strong and United, whether it was weaponizing Government agencies like the IRS which targets Conservative Groups (They denied it repeatedly until they were forced in front of Congress to Admit it and Apologize) or to spying on the Trump Campaign and concocting the Russian Collusion LIES to the Ukraine “Quid Pro Quo” that they claim Trump took part in but never happened. Instead it was Joe Biden and his son Hunter who were involved in such Grift and the Selling Out of their OWN Country for personal enrichment.

    Love Trump or hate him The MSM Media Hellhounds have been exposed to be completely biased and nothing but a propaganda arm of the DNC that would make Joseph Goebbels proud. They have continuously papered over the so called “Peaceful Protests’” all summer as Businesses and Historic Monuments were Burned Looted and destroyed . Now with All the Voter Fraud democrats and their Media Sycophants have effectively destroyed America’s most Trusted Institution – A Free and Open Election ! They have now brought this Country to the Brink for which they themselves deserve to feel the consequences of their dishonest actions as this Country heads even closer to The Abyss and an irreversible direction with a seriously dangerous outcome…

    Congratulations You have allowed Donald J Trump to thoroughly destroy You ALL right down to your Lost Souls!

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  11. I recently read that there were census workers advised by supervisors to practice illegal acts to “complete” the 2020 census. Indiana was one state and the other worker that came forward was from either Massachusetts or Maryland. The census information has the potential to be used to generate “legitimate” votes that would be difficult to trace without someone that felt guilty and reporting the irregulare requests made by supervisors. I am not a political person, however, there seems to be something off about the election results. Trump is not a politician, the Republican Party has a difficult time reigning him in and curbing his impulses. The Democrats have a shiny polished politician that understands his position and obligations to the Party. He has the full support of his Party and the power that goes with it. As of now the Democrats are confident that the small instances of fraud were simply human error. As long as people are looking in a direction that is easily dismissed the allegations will continue to look unfounded and foolish. As an American it makes me feel anxious that a Party may have influenced election results in their favor, and fearful that our government is so corrupt that they know they can cover it up, and if not it won’t go high enough to touch them. It also struck me as a huge show of disrespect by the major networks that they chose to insult Trump, our sitting president. They paved the way for a Biden victory long before the questionable results. Not really a fan of Trump, I grudgingly understood his “fake news” claims. The media has not been impartial and that makes them irresponsible at best, but they were not at their best, they understand the enormous influence they have on the public and they used it to allow their television news personalities to say whatever biased opinion they had. I could not find an impartial news station to get election coverage. I wanted facts and not the rhetoric of TV reporters opinions and observations. This situation makes me question many truths I had believed and re-evaluate my worldview in general. This is disillusioning and I am disappointed by the people that have perpetuated it.

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  12. A third line of statistical evidence involves Wisconsin. After the nighttime pause in reporting, vote shares shifted in favor of democrats *within* city wards, meaning this was not due to more democratic areas reporting later, and this was more true the more behind democrats were in a given ward, contrary to what an explanation based on late mail in voters would predict (Holmes, 2020).

    This refers to the overnight shift in the city of Milwaukee. But Milwaukee collected all of its absentee votes into one place, began counting them on the morning of election day, and finished at 3AM on election night. Then they added them to the state total all at once. It appears that each absentee voter’s vote was added to the total of that voter’s local ward, even though the vote was counted somewhere else.

    Since Democrats were much bigger proponents of absentee voting this year, it makes perfect sense that this chunk of votes would be more Democrat-friendly then the in-person votes that were reported earlier.

    I agree that there may well be many illegitimate votes, especially absentee votes. But a claim that a shift in D/R support during vote counting indicates fraud shouldn’t be accepted without scrutiny. If you don’t know the specifics of the local process, the stats can be misleading. There’s a lot of bad info circulating right now.


  13. You should add this detail: fraud was rampant in Chicago for 20 years from 1960 to 1982 before a disgruntled conspirator spilled the beans on the operation. 100,000 fraudulent ballots and 63 Democrats convicted. The Supreme Court initially denied the request for a recount; it took two months before the FBI investigated; the FBI investigation utilized signature experts and tracked down tens of thousands of voters; JOURNALISTS actually helped track down cases of voter fraud, and many of the cases were small at first: some dead people voting, some vacant lots as residencies.

    What took two months to substantiate, weeks more to investigate, and what began with a just a handful of flagrant cases of dead people voting resulted in more than 60 conspirators jailed and 10% of the entire cities’ ballots forged.


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    • The FBI of today are useless and most Americans, at this time, do not care about the integrity of elections to demand investigation. It was a very different time back in 1982, no social media platforms and journalists actually cared about the integrity of their story.


  14. You might want to look into Dr. Shiva Ayyadurai’s latest find in regards to the dominion voting machines as well now. Very succinctly put: the more registered republicans, the more republican votes are turned democrat in the final tally.

    And it’s not just THIS election that’s been affected, since the dominion machines have been around for a while now.


        • It is statistics which “proves” cigarette smoking causes cancers, emphysema, heart issues etc, and this has led to consequences including the Surgeon General’s warning. There are very few things that can be proven beyond doubt particularly if behavior and data is purposely hidden and dishonesty in the service of treason is employed. However, proof beyond a reasonable doubt is very possible even more so given the consequence of insisting on absolute proof which would allow treason to succeed. Like with cancer, heart disease, respiratory disease, the consequence of ignoring clear statistical indicators can be catastrophically bad, and the risk should be avoided by any reasonable assessment. There are remedies and there is data, reason, logic, testimony, and audio/video evidence supporting the statistical case leading closer to truth and reality.


  15. I hope the Supremes declare the votes received after election day are illegal. That would take a lot of stress off the recount.
    Meanwhile, the excitement of QFS blockchain ballots in circulation makes the Deplorables very happy. Arrests are being made and arrests will continue. Kudos to Homeland Security.


    • > QFS blockchain ballots in circulation

      For this theory to work, ballots would need to be issued in a standardized manner by the federal government, right? But they are issued by states/counties, aren’t they? If so, how would the federal government be able to watermark all legal ballots?


  16. Honestly, I highly doubt that the fraud could have changed the outcome of the election. Besides, why assume that the fraud would only come from Democrats and not Republicans?
    On the other hand, as a European, I am shocked by the American electoral system which is worthy of the third world. No developed democracy has such a ridiculous system. In a normal country, the results take a few hours before being given, it does not take several days. In a normal country, the election takes place on one day only (usually Sunday). People who cannot vote give a mandate to someone they trust to vote for them (justification is needed). With the exception of Great Britain, elections are much more secure. The lack of security in the US elections is really shocking from a European point of view. No wonder there are accusations of fraud with so little security. This lack of security combined with a completely chaotic and failing electoral system can only arouse suspicion. Brazil, which is a poor country not really known for being well organized, has a much better electoral system than the US. Within hours, they have the results.
    The American electoral system must be completely overhauled.


  17. I think the most compelling examples of fraud are inferred from mathematics & probability/statistics.
    The fact that in 2020 there was close to 100% voter participation in large cities like Philly & Milwaukee — when the norm is closer to 65% — is a clear indication of massive fraud through over voting. Any location that is several standard deviations above previous participations rates should have their votes reduced by enough standard deviations to bring participation rates within historical norms and norms for other large cities around the US… So, Philly & Madison should have 20-30% reduction in voting returns.

    Liked by 1 person

  18. The problem with the American electoral system is that not only is it fairly easy to cheat, but in addition, if the fraud is done well, it is almost impossible to prove that there is fraud. During Kennedy’s election against Nixon, there were quite a few suspicions of fraud. Nixon didn’t protest as he knew there was nothing he could do about it. Trump’s problem is that he is not credible. He made it clear that if he lost it would be because of the fraud. Trump is so incompetent that he will never be able to counter fraud. Actually, given the vote spread, I don’t think Biden won through the cheating. Generally speaking, I don’t think fraud changes a presidential election. On the other hand, for tighter races where the difference is tiny (deputies, governors, senators, ..), it is possible that the fraud has changed the final result.
    I don’t know if this article is true but it is entirely possible:


  19. I give the so-called ‘writer’ of this particular article an IQ one step ahead of athletic super-star Forrest Gump, IE: 76. Let’s not overlook or dismiss that grammar & spelling are clearly indicative about why and how this 2020 President election process is a d@mn buckin’ failure!

    The teacher wanted this ‘writer’ placed on detention but hey….your @$$ has already puked on the chalkboard. There’s never been a better time (or place) to use an eraser.


  20. There are a number of points to bear in mind.
    1) Trump is a hugely polarizing person. There are lots of people who truly hate him and lots who flock to his rallies etc. So it’s not surprising that turnout was high this year.
    2) Trump made a lot of comments about the unreliability of mail-in voting, Democrats made a lot of the health risk of voting during a pandemic that many Republicans argue is over-hyped. So it’s not surprising that mail-in ballots favored Democrats.
    3) Some of the cases of “dead voters” have been debunked, for example one where a man’s vote was accidentally recorded as being by his dead father of the same name. Similarly some of the claims of double voting (e.g. Jill Stokke) have not held up under investigation. And likewise, a lot of the anecdotes of “suspicious” ballot counting processes seem to be based on a lack of understanding of how the machines work, e.g. putting the same set of ballots through repeatedly to calibrate/test the machine (but not adding these to the vote).
    4) Republicans seem much more interested in investigating anomalies and mistakes in the counting process. How many cases are there of errors in favor of the GOP that don’t go viral because Democrats are willing to ascribe them to human error, in contrast to the Republican hobby of cataloguing every single pro-Democrat error?
    5) There is a table above that lists “multiple aspects of how the election was openly carried out which are seemingly illegal” but a little research online shows that the illegality is not clearly established for any of the examples, and in the case of WI people do not need to provide any reason at all for requesting an absentee ballot. Similarly, the case of observers being kept 30 feet away is not illegal – a judge said they should be allowed closer but prior to that there was simply no rule in place governing permissible levels of proximity.
    6) Have you actually thought about how hard it is to commit mass fraud? If you vote in someone’s place and they try to vote themselves it will be discovered. You would somehow need to procure 1000s of blank ballots – either by identifying people who had 0% chance of voting, or by forging ballot papers and hacking the voter database to enter the barcodes of all the fake ballots so that they aren’t rejected. Both are quite tricky. Then you have the tedious work of faking witness signatures for all those ballots – quicker with lots of assistants but people tend to talk, so best keep it to a small group.


    • Theres an argument I’ve heard online from pro antifa folk that proposes that it really could be that everyone decided at the same time that they wanted to organize and protest against the issues of society without there being a grand conspiracy. These ideals just make sense.

      Fair enough.

      If thats an acceptable argument than the same logic can be used to claim that people with the same ideological alignment would commit massive voter fraud with limited guidance from outsiders, believing that they are doing what is morally right and necessary for the good of the country.

      I’m not saying this is what happened, but it fits with the internal logic ive seen people on the left present.


    • Mass Fraud does not need to be organized and it is certainly not particularly difficult to commit it. For 22 years, over 10% of Chicago’s votes were actually fake or fraudulent and it was favoring the Democratic Party every instance.


  21. Just want to make a clarification about the 109,421 votes in Pennsylvania – that guy clarifies that this is from the number of ballots returned “Either before, or the same day, or the very next day”

    I downloaded the data set from Pennsylvania’s website (and archived the actual file itself on wayback machine, not just the webpage), and made a script to compare the date differences.
    There are:
    23,305 ballots returned before being mailed
    58,221 ballots returned before or on the day of being mailed
    109,421 ballots returned before, same day, or very next day


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  23. Clear & concise explanation of concerns. I notice that there aren’t any substantive responses to this well-reasoned and evidenced article.


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  26. I think we should remember that this data concerns an election that involved 150 million registered voters. In that context, how surprising is it that we have (1) 5 people who reported witnesses some kind of election fraud, (2) four cases of some kind of violation of election law? Those sound like numbers that would inevitably exist in an election of such a size (and yes, surely the actual number is much higher, how could it not be?). The statistical ‘irregularities’ strike me as similarly underwhelming – e.g., in the state of Pennsylvania, 69 ballots were from people born ‘before 1900’, 80% of which are Democrats. That’s supposed to show us how the election was rigged for Biden, but the number (69?!) is so microscopically tiny as to be, I must presume, statistically irrelevant. Otherwise these statistical data do no more than raise a certain suspicion (strange shift toward Biden in the late of night in Wisconsin!) And some carry no weight at all – the fact that voter turnout was so high is cited as a sign of election fraud, but everyone knows the nation was much more invested in this outcome than in previous elections. If this is the sort of evidence that Trump’s lawyers are presenting to state courts, one can hardly wonder why they are being thrown out.


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  28. Bottom line is all this fraud seems to go one way and one way only in this election. Let’s not forget the massive ballot dumps at 4am that shot Biden up above Trump. This isn’t even a question if there was fraud .


  29. “As pointed out at The Red Elephants, this result is made even more unlikely by the fact that republicans requested more ballots than democrats did in MI.”

    Trump told all his cultists to vote in person and not to vote by mail.
    So that’s what they did.
    So it’s hardly unlikely that mail-in votes in swing states greatly favored Biden.

    But disregarding that little fact, why hasn’t Trump presented this in court as his smoking gun? The answer, of course, is that it’s just specious claptrap.


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