Race and Educational Opportunity

When discussing why it is that black people are poorer than white people, one variable that is often brought up is educational opportunity. It is alleged that Black Americans have less in the way of educational opportunity than do whites and that this is an important part of the explanation for why it is that … Continue reading Race and Educational Opportunity


Slavery and Modern Black Poverty

Sometimes, slavery is offered as an explanation for African American poverty rates. At first glance, this seems like a absurd explanation since without slavery African Americans would simply be Africans, and would no doubt be poorer than they currently are. Of course, people who say that slavery explains Black poverty do not mean "explanation" in … Continue reading Slavery and Modern Black Poverty

“Lived Experience” is Not Evidence

When discussing the prevalence of discrimination, those calming that discrimination is rampant sometimes appeal to their "lived experience" as evidence for their view. Moreover, if statistical evidence is marshaled which suggests that discrimination is not prevalent, some people will take offense and claim that you are invalidating their lived experience. Traditionally, this kind of thinking … Continue reading “Lived Experience” is Not Evidence