The Catholic Church and Western Genetics

Much has been written recently about Schulz et al. (2019), a paper which argues that the Catholic church made the West less conformist, more individualistic, and more open to outsiders by insisting that people organize into nuclear families rather than larger kin networks, and by demanding that people never marry their relatives. In this post, … Continue reading The Catholic Church and Western Genetics

White People and Identity Politics

Some people look at American society and feel that the media, the education system, and the economy, are increasingly biased against white people, that many white people are taught a distorted view of politics and history which leads to them disliking their own racial group, and that explicit displays of hatred of white people are … Continue reading White People and Identity Politics

Population Differences in IQ-Related Genes

This post will document the research done thus far looking at population differences in the frequency of gene variants known to predict cognitive ability. I will also evaluate the strength of this research as evidence for the view that genes are significantly involved in population differences in cognitive ability. This research began around 2013 and … Continue reading Population Differences in IQ-Related Genes

IQ’s Influence on Individual Economic and Educational Success

The purpose of this post is to document the basic facts concerning the relationship between IQ scores and individual success in the economy and in education. Simple Correlations The first thing to establish is the bi-variate relationship between IQ and these outcomes. Strenze (2015) gives estimates of .20 to .27 for the correlation between income and … Continue reading IQ’s Influence on Individual Economic and Educational Success